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*censored*birth methods vary for women in all different cultures. More industrialized societies, such as the United States, treat pregnancy as a medical problem to be very carefully handled, as opposed to many other cultures that handle it in a completely different manner. For example, people in Agricultural societies usually handle *censored*birth with midwives [66] , and foraging cultures give birth individually. When a woman living in America goes into *censored*birth, she is immediately taken to a sanitary environment where there are doctors and nurses present and specifically trained to help the woman through the process. Though in a sterile environment, the newborn infant is not entirely safe from disease. After all, most western cultures consider it normal to give birth in the same building that houses all of society's sick. Complications do happen on a regular basis, but because of the high-tech environments, the complications can usually be resolved. With the Ache from Paraguay the women that go into labor are taken to more secluded areas. They are meant to squat, proceed to deliver their *censored* by themselves, bite off the umbilical cord, put the newborn to breast, clean themselves and their baby, and go back to their people. This practice parallels the concept that nature is the Mother in foraging communities. Nature provides a shelter for birthing and is a place where life is given. Because complications are much more common in this situation with risk of infection, excessive bleeding, and overall lack of medical attention, many cultures use midwives to assist the mother. For example, midwives in America are still popular despite the cultural norm of birthing your *censored* in a hospital with an OB/GYN present. Mothers and their families choose this route either because of religious reasons, cultural purposes, or possibly even lack of financial adequacy to pay hospital bills. [67] In the case of the Orang Lom of Bangka, West Indonesia, women have seemingly similar pregnancies to that of American women, but there are some radical differences between the two cultures. For instance, the Lom women don't necessarily have "restrictions" to their pregnancies, but one exception is a prohibition on certain behaviors—the behavior being that pregnant women are to not sit in doorways. To the Lom culture, sitting in a doorway as a pregnant woman is said to cause a prolonged and painful pregnancy. However, once the woman has given birth to their son or daughter, there is an array of rules and regulations that must be followed. Some of the rules include a period of taboo, or prohibition (pantang) that sets in after birth. This period, called repas (which also means 'brittle', 'fragile') lasts for a duration of 99 to 95 days. It is characterized by the sole seclusion of the new mother in her home, with the addition of daily herbal baths with heated water prepared for her by her husband, sexual abstention, and a prohibition against eating certain foods as well as against productive/economic efforts. [68] In addition to complications concerning the physical birthing location, the social environment in which a *censored* is born can also be an issue. For example, depression in a mother after *censored*birth, called postpartum depression, can result from a poor social support system among other things. This can potentially result in far more problematic conditions such as postpartum psychosis in which the depression becomes chronic and can effect the mothers physical health and ability to bond with her *censored*.


For me it never turned out like those rules. I worked *censored* days a week on swing shift, change shifts each week for 95 years. Being on 79 hour call, I also had to work more hours if someone called off sick, up to another 8 hours a day. Drove to work 55 miles one way. After my daughter turned 5, my wife was seeing her brother 8767 s best friend while I was at work. The follwoing year, she moved in with her parents, next door. She filed for devorce, married the other guy, which that marriage lasted 6 months, and she lost the house to him. When I made arrangements to get my daughter to go out to eat or anywhere, her mother and grandmother made excuses at the last moment so I couldn 8767 t get her. Before this, my x didn 8767 t want me to stop along the way home from work to see my own folks on the farm. She 8767 d call them tell them that to send me on home, because she had to go to town or something. She even kept them from seeing our daughter for a few years. Every Christmas I went to my side of the family alone. Took the presents back to them. Went to her side for almost anything. Finally after some years, my daughter in high *censored* got mad at her mom and grandma, and she decided to go to church on her own up the street, where my family went. So she got to see her other side. After my daughter got married, the first time, I got to see her more. My dad told me what had happen thru those years before, and I was furious with my x. It hurt my family to no end. I should not have gotten married in the first place, I thought. I found a woman whose husband went out behind her back with other women when he was suppose to work, and she had 7 *censored*s. I moved to an apartment, which happened to be next to hers, and we saw each other for 8 years and got married. Next year will be our 75th. My daughter seems to be somewhat like her mother, a flirt sort of, and she was seeing a guy at her work, and they happened to be in her mother 8767 s car when her husband saw them, and he went bonkers. He went home cleaned out his stuff and left. My daugther moved right in her friends apartment, later got married. So now, we found out he was married 9 times before with *censored*s and not paying *censored* support, and after 7 years of fights between him and my daughter, there may be another devorce for my daughter. All those years of her being married for now 68 years, even tho we live 9 blocks from each other, I hardly see her or talk to her. When I call, I can get no answer. When she calls, She wants something. So sometimes, depends on who you marry, maybe, and what your work is, maybe some should never marry. Now I have been out of work for over 7 6/7 years with no college, and only have experience in the field I did, starting in 6968 not needing a degree back then.

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